A Mother’s Journey: From Foster Care to Forever Home

Join us as we share the heartwarming story of Amy Pollard, a remarkable woman who became a mother to three orphaned children. Follow her inspiring journey through insecurities, challenges, and ultimately, the joy of creating a forever home for these little flowers.

In a world where children are in need of love and protection, Amy Pollard emerged as an angelic figure. She embraced the role of motherhood, opening her heart and home to three little orphans. In this blog post, we celebrate the inspiring journey of Amy as she navigated through insecurities, overcame challenges, and created a forever home for these deserving children.

Amy’s Path to Fostering

When Amy received her first call for fostering, she was filled with uncertainty. Being aware of the strength and courage required of single mothers, she felt the need to be more capable. However, despite her reservations, she said yes. Amy began visiting the orphanage regularly, fueling her admiration for children. Over time, she realized that fostering was her calling, and she took the necessary steps to become a licensed foster parent.

Image credits – Courtesy of Amy Pollard

Meeting Jeremy and Embracing Challenges

In January, Amy crossed paths with 8-year-old Jeremy, whose deep-rooted trauma was evident in his behavior. Despite Jeremy’s clinginess and pleas to be taken home, Amy initially believed someone else would provide him with the stability he needed. Little did she know that fate had something different in store for them. Amy attended training sessions organized by Rescue 100, a state-wide collaborative effort in Mississippi, further preparing herself for the challenges ahead.

Image credits – Courtesy of Amy Pollard

The Longing to Bring Jeremy Home

Amy’s journey took a heartbreaking turn when she discovered that Jeremy had been relocated to another orphanage. She made every effort to bring him back into her care, but the agencies posed obstacles. Undeterred, Amy refused other fostering opportunities, reserving a place for Jeremy in her heart. Eventually, she received a call from Jeremy’s social worker, asking if she would be willing to adopt him.

Becoming a Mother to Three

While Amy had not initially considered adoption, her excitement led her to agree to Jeremy’s adoption. However, during the visitation process, she discovered that Jeremy had a brother, Kendrick, who was also in need of a loving home. Amy hesitated at first, concerned about the younger brother who would be left behind. Yet, her love for these children surpassed all doubts. With unwavering dedication, she became the mother of three, embracing their deep-seated traumas and offering them a safe haven.

Image credits – Courtesy of Amy Pollard

A Journey of Healing and Love

Amy’s home was not without its challenges. Jeremy had endured significant trauma, often locking himself in closets and fearing physical abuse. Determined to provide a nurturing environment, Amy showered them with love and requested support from teachers and caregivers. Despite the complexities, the children gradually found comfort in their new family. Amy’s dedication was rewarded when she received her first Mother’s Day card from Jeremy.

The Adoption and Forever Home

The journey towards adoption was marked by Amy’s recurring insecurities. However, one day, Kendrick expressed his desire for Amy to be his mother and impatiently awaited the legal process. This heartfelt revelation propelled Amy to embrace the adoption fully. On April 1, 2019, she officially adopted the three children, solidifying their forever home. Despite her initial doubts and feelings of inadequacy, Amy’s unwavering love and commitment made her the forever mother of these three little flowers.

Image credits – Courtesy of Amy Pollard

Amy Pollard’s journey from fostering to adoption is a testament to the power of love and the resilience of the human spirit. Through her unwavering dedication, she transformed the lives of Jeremy, Kendrick, and Jayonne, providing them with a forever home and healing their deep-seated traumas. Amy’s story reminds us that the path to motherhood is not always smooth, but the joy of creating a loving and supportive environment for children in need is a reward beyond measure.

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