Mother Dog’s Heroic Act: Running Several Times Through Flames To Save Her Puppies

The internet is filled with stories of animals showing their love and devotion to their young. One such story that recently captured the hearts of many was that of Amanda, a mother dog who fearlessly ran through flames to save her puppies from a burning house.


In Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile, an unfortunate incident occurred when a vehicle explosion caused a residential property to catch fire.Amidst the chaos and danger, Amanda’s motherly instinct kicked in, and she put her life on the line to save her 10-day-old puppies.


With flames raging around her, Amanda ran into the burning house multiple times, picking up her puppies one by one and carrying them outside to safety. She repeated this brave act until all her babies were brought to a nearby fire truck. Once outside, she hugged them to protect them from the fire sparks.


Amanda and her litter of pups were brought to a veterinarian for proper medical care, where they were given the necessary treatment to address their injuries.Unfortunately, one of the babies, Amparo, could not survive. But the other four managed to recover, thanks to the love and care of their mother.


According to Felipe Lara, one of the vets who treated Amanda and her puppies, the mother dog initially refused to let them take care of her babies and attend to her wounds. She stayed by Amparo’s side until the very end, displaying an extraordinary level of motherly love and devotion.

Amanda’s heroic act of running through flames to save her puppies is a testament to the inspiring strength of unconditional love that animals have for their young. Her bravery and courage are a true inspiration to all of us.

Written by Pasan Nanayakkara

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