20 Fascinating ‘Then and Now’ Photos of Places Revealing the Impact of Time

When it comes to photography, rephotography is a fascinating technique that allows us to see how places have changed over time. By reshooting old photos of places in the modern day scenario as similarly as possible, rephotographers capture the impact of time on our environment, whether it’s the urban landscape or natural wonders.

One of the best places to find rephotography is the subreddit “Old Photos In Real Life”, where users share side-by-side comparison photos highlighting the effects of time on different places around the world. From abandoned buildings to landmarks, the subreddit is a treasure trove of rephotography that will leave you amazed.

To give you a taste of what you can find on the subreddit, we’ve compiled a list of 20 then and now photos of places that show how time can affect things in both positive and negative ways. From urban development to natural erosion, these photos will make you appreciate the power of time and its impact on our environment.

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#1 Exploring the Evolution of Kharkov, Ukraine (2022-2022)

Image source: DmitriyBragin

#2 Manufaktura: A Look at the Changes in Łódź, Poland (1994-2014)

Image source: hankmeisterr

#3 Revitalization: A Before and After of a Home Renovation

Image source: EmmaOlivia402

#4 104 Years in the Same House: Elsie Allcock’s Lifetime Residence

Image source: MrMacBro

#5 Flying in Grandfather’s Restored WW2 Hurricane: A Memorable Experience

Image source: missbazil

#6 Düsseldorf, Germany: A City’s Transformation (1990-2019)

Image source: Marciu73

#7 Lake Mead: Comparing 1983 and 2021

Image source: ZhouLe

#8 The History of a River Red Gum: 130 Years in Photos

Image source: Achilles_za

#9 The Pines: A Look at the Changes in Fallsburg, NY (1950s-Present)

Image source: PugetSoundOgre

#10 Central Park in NYC: A View of the Beresford Building (1932-2022)

Image source: idkwhattopicktoday

#11 Poland’s Abandoned Mansion: From Ruins to Restoration

Image source: stevejollifee

#12 From Abandonment to Beauty: A Before and After

Image source: EmmaOlivia402

#13 The Glynne Arms: A Look at the Crooked House

Image source: Disagreeable-Tips

#14 Warsaw City Centre: 1944 vs. 2022

Image source: mieszkogs

#15 San Francisco’s Unlucky House: 1936 and 2022

Image source: Pandalism

#16 Michigan Central Railroad Depot’s Waiting Area: 1965 vs. 2014

Image source: hankmeisterr

#17 Crater Lake: Comparing 1982 and 2022

Image source: humblehomiesco

#18 Revitalization: A Before and After of an Abandoned Building

Image source: EmmaOlivia402

#19 Minami-Sanriku, Japan: Comparing 2011 and 2020

Image source: PreviousBed98

#20 Machu Picchu, Peru: 1915 vs. 2020

Image source: Wavywizard8

Written by Pasan Nanayakkara

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