8-Year-Old Boy Creates Comic Book That Becomes a Waitlist Hit at Local Library

Dillon Helbig, an 8-year-old from Idaho, left his self-published comic book at the library, and now it has a waitlist more than 50 people long. Discover the inspiring story of how Dillon’s passion for books and libraries has captured the attention of readers of all ages.

In a world where self-publishing is becoming increasingly common, Dillon Helbig, an 8-year-old boy from Boise, Idaho, has captured the attention of readers with his debut work. He left his 81-page comic book, “The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis,” on the shelves of the Ada Community Library’s Lake Hazel Branch, and to his surprise, it now has a waitlist more than 50 people long.


According to Good Morning America, Dillon had a love for books and libraries since he was 5 years old, and he wanted to put his book in the library center. His mother, Susan Helbig, was equally surprised and proud of her son’s accomplishment. When she learned where her son’s self-published book was, she contacted the library and asked them not to throw it away. To her surprise, they recognized the potential in Dillon’s work and supported him by officially processing and cataloging the book.

The library took the necessary steps to make it possible for cardholders to check out Dillon’s comic book. However, those wishing to read Dillon’s story, which is complete with colorful illustrations, will have to wait a while. According to People, 55 library cardholders are currently on the waitlist, and each person can have the book for up to four weeks.


Dillon’s story is an inspiration to many, demonstrating remarkable creativity and initiative. His passion for storytelling and his determination to follow through with his ideas have captured the hearts of readers of all ages. His next comic book, “The Jacket Eating Closet,” based on a true story, is highly anticipated.

Dillon’s story also illustrates the importance of libraries as a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together to share their stories and ideas. The Ada Community Library deserves recognition for recognizing the potential in Dillon’s work and not dismissing it as a childish prank.

In conclusion, Dillon Helbig’s story is a heartwarming and inspiring tale of a young boy who dared to dream big and make it a reality. His comic book has become a must-read for many and has become an excellent example of how age and experience are not always prerequisites for creating great art.

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