99-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Spreads Joy Through Dancing And Wins Hearts Everywhere

Margaret Masters, at the age of 99, has a zest for life that is infectious. This cancer survivor, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996, has always been passionate about dancing. However, after undergoing surgery and therapy, Margaret was determined to keep moving, and that’s when she discovered Zumba.Margaret is a fantastic motivator for all of us


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For almost a decade now, Margaret has been attending Silver Sneakers Zumba classes in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was fascinated with Zumba from the very first class and has not looked back since. Margaret’s dedication to an active lifestyle has helped her through cancer, a pandemic, and everything else life has thrown at her.Her enthusiasm for life and dancing is evident to everyone who meets her.


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Margaret’s Zumba instructor, Deana Lejarza, couldn’t believe her ears when she learned that Margaret was 90 years old when she first started practicing Zumba. Over time, she has come to appreciate that age is just a number for Margaret. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Margaret never missed a beat, attending yoga, stability, and dance classes almost every day, even through Zoom.


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Margaret’s story is an inspiration for all of us. It’s critical to stay active as we get older, and she’s living proof that you’re never too old to meet new people, listen to new music, and dance like no one’s looking. Her positive attitude and dedication to an active lifestyle have helped her through difficult times, and she hopes that by sharing her experience, others will be motivated to start (and continue) leading a healthy and active lifestyle.


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In conclusion, Margaret Masters is a true inspiration. Her passion for dancing and staying active has helped her through some of life’s toughest challenges, and her contagious energy continues to inspire us all. We can all learn from Margaret’s dedication to an active lifestyle and her positive attitude towards life.She lives by the mantra that the trick to reaching her age of 99 is to keep laughing, dancing, and moving.

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