Argentina’s Rotating Circular Island: A Unique Wonder of Nature Beyond Floating

Discover the mystery behind Argentina’s unique circular island that not only floats but also rotates continuously. Learn about the science behind floating islands and how this island’s peculiar shape makes it different from others.


Image credit: Parque Nacional Ciervo de los Pantanos

The Paraná River, which spans across Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, is home to a fascinating natural phenomenon – a circular island that not only floats but also rotates continuously. Unlike other floating islands found in various parts of the world, this one is unique due to its peculiar shape and constant rotation.

Floating islands typically form when large roots of plants fall into the water and serve as the foundation for other aquatic plants to grow on. However, they are often ripped apart by violent storms and blown across the water, eventually breaking up or settling in a quiet spot along the shore. The indigenous Uru people in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia and Peru, have colonized a series of 120 floating islands that require constant tending to ensure their continued existence.

El Ojo, or Eye Island, is a circular piece of land that is constantly shifting position due to the unique currents that gave rise to it. This island was discovered by Argentine director Sergio Neuspiller while scouting for a new location for one of his films about supernatural occurrences. He noticed the island was gently spinning and found that it had shifted when he returned to the spot a short time later. Even in Google satellite photographs from different dates, the shift is apparent.


Image credit: Parque Nacional Ciervo de los Pantanos

Neuspiller and a New York City engineer began fundraising to investigate the mystery of the revolving island. However, they were only able to raise half of the required $50,000, which would have included paranormal research.

This circular island’s rotation has been recorded for about two decades, since 2003, and is believed to be caused by the unique currents and sediment movements in the Paraná delta. Its peculiar shape may also play a role in its continuous rotation.

In conclusion, Argentina’s circular island in the Paraná River is a fascinating natural wonder that not only floats but also rotates continuously. Its unique shape and constant movement are a result of various environmental factors, making it different from other floating islands found around the world. This mysterious island is a reminder of the wonders of nature and the endless possibilities that lie in the world around us.


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