Celebrating the Hardworking Dogs of “The Shepherd’s Realm”: A Photo Series by Andrew Fladeboe

Experience the beauty and resilience of working dogs in Andrew Fladeboe’s photo series, “The Shepherd’s Realm.” From search and rescue to mobility companion and guide dogs, Fladeboe’s stunning imagery gives recognition to these intelligent and tranquil animals.

Follow Fladeboe on his travels across New Zealand, Scotland, and Norway as he captures the essence of these hardworking dogs. Don’t miss the opportunity to see Fladeboe’s solo exhibit at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art in NYC this October. Prints of the series are also available at the gallery. Discover the joy and importance of working dogs through Fladeboe’s captivating photography.

Fladeboe spoke to National Geographic and described how dogs are a joy to work with. “Yes, occasionally, they do work hard; however, dogs with border collie personalities like mine are more relaxed when they can do something. A border collie living in a big city can be more miserable than working at a farm.”

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Andrew Fladeboe said that getting an animal pose was always fun. “It’s not something that the dog naturally does and isn’t something that owners instruct how to teach their pets.”

“Luckily, I’ve photographed working dogs lately, and they’re properly trained and know how to follow my instructions.”

It’s about patience, adjusting the shot quickly, and educating the dog to obey your commands. They view it as a test of their dog’s abilities and will to comply with orders.

Mobility Dog

Fladeboe declared that he was impressed by how much they enjoy their work and the story that has taken 30,000 years to make. They’ve grown with us to perform many of the tasks we’ve asked them for.

Search-And-Rescue Dog

Discover the deep connection we have with dogs as both pets and working animals. From their role in mythology and folklore to their representation as the sagacious archetypes of working dogs, our bond with these beloved creatures is undeniable. Explore the rich history and enduring significance of dogs in our lives.

Epilepsy Assistance Dog

Bird Hunters


Police Dog



Puffin Hunter

Biosecurity Dog

Urban Search-And-Rescue Dog



Comfort/Therapy Dog



Explosive Detector Dog

Guide Dog For The Blind

Search-And-Rescue Dog

“These owners are very affectionate and committed. Teaching a dog how to be a productive worker takes a long time. Most people believe that it’s the most important aspect of their lives. They serve as my role model. “I would like to be able to train and rear dogs; however, I’m too far away to own a pet.”

“Experience the beauty and uniqueness of dogs through an anthropocentric lens. Our art presents these beloved animals with the utmost respect, showcasing their individual personalities and characteristics. Discover the art of capturing dogs’ true essence, all for the sake of celebrating their majesty.”

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