Discover the Adorable Orphaned Kitten That Resembles Two in One – Double the Cuteness!

If you’re a cat lover, you’re going to love this story. Nashville cat rescue received two orphaned kittens found in a construction site. After bringing them in, the team checked them up and put them with two mamma cats who were in the rescue shelter.


These kittens were around 2-3 weeks old and they got along with the mamma cats really well. However, the rescuers noticed something peculiar about one of the kittens. It was named Apricot and it had two distinctive fur coats on either hide of its face.


This made it look as if there were two kittens sharing the same face. Experts recognize this as genetic chimera, which is a rare gene mutation that Apricot has.


Apricot’s unique fur coat has made it an internet sensation, with many people admiring its adorable and unusual look. While genetic chimerism is not common, it is not unheard of in animals. It happens when two embryos fuse together, creating an animal with two sets of DNA.


In Apricot’s case, this fusion happened in the womb, resulting in the unique appearance of two different fur coats on its face.


Despite its unusual appearance, Apricot is a healthy and happy kitten who has found a loving home. Its unique appearance has even helped to raise awareness of the Nashville cat rescue, who have helped countless other cats and kittens find forever homes.


Check out the collection of photos of Apricot below and share your thoughts in the comment section. Have you ever seen a cat with a genetic chimera mutation before? Let us know!

More info & Photo courtesy: Nashville cat rescue| Instagram | Facebook

Written by Chanuka

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