Grandma With A Sharp Sense Of Humor Leaves Behind Unique Gift For Loved Ones: Ouija Boards

One of the scariest things about dying is leaving behind all of the people we love. We wonder how they’ll cope without us, and if they’ll ever forget about us. But one woman, Jo Marie Perryman, had a unique solution to this problem. When she passed away, she wanted to make sure that her friends and family would stay in touch with her. So, she left them with a very unusual gift: ouija boards.

Jo Marie, also known as Jodie, was known for her quick wit and clever sense of humor. Her granddaughter, Gracie Perryman, shared the story of her grandmother’s last laugh on Twitter, and it quickly went viral. The obituary for Jodie described her as someone who was hard to beat in a battle of wits, and it seems that her sense of humor didn’t leave her even after her passing.


Image Credit: Twitter

At her funeral, Jodie’s loved ones were given cards featuring a photo of the 81-year-old making a crazy face and putting her middle fingers in the air. But that wasn’t all – Jodie had also left a note for her loved ones, saying “Let’s keep in touch,” and included a ouija board for anyone who dared to contact her.

Gracie was surprised when she saw the ouija boards, as her grandmother had alluded to them on Facebook before she passed away. However, Gracie hadn’t taken it seriously at the time. It wasn’t until she was at the funeral and saw everyone opening their letters that she realized what her grandmother had done. “Everyone was dying, laughing. It was hilarious,” she said. “Because that was so her.”


Image Credit: Twitter

Many people responded to Gracie’s tweet about her grandmother, saying that Jodie was amazing and that this was the stuff of legends. Some even shared similar stories about their own loved ones’ last laughs.

In the end, Jodie’s ouija boards may not actually allow her loved ones to contact her beyond the grave. But they do serve as a reminder that she will always be with them in spirit. And more than that, they show that even in death, Jodie was still able to bring a smile to the faces of those who knew and loved her.

Written by Pasan Nanayakkara

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