Love and Patience Triumph: A Remarkable Bond Between a Man and His Horse

Explore the heartwarming true story of Major, a once wild and aggressive horse, and the unique bond he formed with his owner through love and patience. Despite the challenges and doubts, this tale of perseverance and devotion will leave a lasting impression, showcasing the incredible ties we can create with animals through understanding and compassion.

Janna Grapperhaus, a West Virginia midwife, shared the touching narrative of her father’s journey with Major, a horse considered untamable by his previous owners. Despite harsh attempts to break him, including beatings and weeks tied to a post without food or water, Major remained wild.

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Janna recounts, “Within minutes of Dad bringing him home, he tore through five strands of fence and would bite and strike at anyone within range.” Instead of resorting to force, Janna’s father chose a different path – he aimed to gain Major’s trust, challenging the skepticism of others who doubted this approach.

Janna’s mother aptly named the horse “Major Deal,” believing his wild nature might prove fatal. However, Janna emphasized, “My Dad never broke him… He earned his heart,” highlighting her father’s unwavering dedication to the horse. “Dad toiled for hours and hours every day to gain the trust of that mistreated horse.”


After two years of relentless effort, Major’s transformation became evident when his owner finally trusted him enough to ride. But the tale goes beyond taming a wild horse – it unfolds into a genuine love story between the man and his horse.

“Major would kiss Dad on the head repeatedly when he went out,” Janna wrote. “Only equestrians could ever truly comprehend the bond they had.” Unfortunately, Janna’s father passed away not too long ago, and both family and friends, as well as Major, attended his funeral. In a poignant moment, Major walked up to the coffin and gave it a “last kiss.”

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This touching narrative has garnered over 166,000 shares on Facebook and gained popularity on social media. Janna concludes, “Love won out in the end.” It’s a powerful story that illustrates the strength of love and patience, emphasizing how we can truly create wonderful ties with animals that withstand the test of time.

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