Newlyweds Welcome Uninvited Guest: Heartwarming Tale Of Adopting A Wedding-Crasher Dog Who Stole Their Hearts

Read about the heartwarming story of a stray dog who disrupted a wedding and became a beloved family member to a newlywed couple. Learn how the couple decided to adopt the dog and how he brought joy to their lives.


When Tamris Muzini and Douglas Robert got married, they were not expecting an unexpected visitor to attend their wedding. But a cute stray dog came running up to them as they exited the chapel following their vows, and he quickly became a beloved member of their family.


According to Bored Panda, the dog was reportedly loitering near the church’s entrance and patiently waited outside until the wedding was over. The bride and groom were pleased to have the dog’s blessing as they exchanged vows, and he contributed to some memorable moments and pictures at their wedding.


After the wedding, the couple couldn’t stop thinking about the puppy and were determined to adopt him. They eventually found him at a coffee shop, and they named him “Braiá Caramelo De Jesus.”


Despite having a fractured paw that required casting and a scar down his belly that suggested previous abuse, Braiá is now a happy and loving dog who instills hope in his new family.


This heartwarming story is a reminder of the love and joy that animals can bring into our lives. We are overjoyed that Braiá has found a loving home with Tamris and Douglas, and we hope that their story inspires others to consider adopting a stray animal in need.

Written by S Bandara

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