Ontario Photographer Captures Huge Wave That Looks Like The Perfect Face

Photo of Lake Erie by Cody Evans. (Cody Evans)

Cody Evans, an Ingersoll resident and nature photographer, snapped a stunning photo of a wave on Lake Erie that looks like a face.

A photo of the massive wave that hit Lake Erie on November 16. (Facebook/Cody Evans)

One of the approximately 10,000 photos that Cody Evans, an Ingersoll resident, took of Lake Erie during the storm last Saturday looked almost like something Poseidon would have created.

CTV News Toronto’s Evans said Wednesday that he has been photographing wildlife and nature since January 2020.

He stated that he frequently heads down to Lake Erie, which is in Port Stanley, just south of London (Ont.). He will go to Lake Erie whenever he can see high winds. This was what the forecast was calling last Saturday.

Evans was ready to start shooting for a few hours that day. “It was quite cold…I think it’s -11 C or so” – Evans couldn’t immediately take photos due to the snow.

He said there was a 15-minute window when the sun peeked through the clouds.


Photo of Lake Erie by Cody Evans. (Cody Evans)

Evans stated, “I watched the water, and when waves are going to collide, I’ll just snap a few photos.” Evans added that his Nikon Z 9 camera could take 20 pictures per second.


Photo of Lake Erie by Cody Evans. (Cody Evans)

“So you can see the entire sequence of events. Next, I look through all the images and find the ones I like. This one was the perfect face.”

Evans claims that some waves that clashed last Saturday were over six meters.


Photo of Lake Erie by Cody Evans. (Cody Evans)

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