Remarkable 17-Year-Old Afghan Attack Survivor Overcomes Adversity To Excel In Exams Despite Losing An Eye

Fatemeh Amiri, a brave 17-year-old girl, has defied all odds to come out with flying colors in her exams despite the setbacks she suffered during a suicide attack in Afghanistan. In the attack, the Kaaj education centre in Kabul was targeted, killing over 50 people and injuring dozens, mostly female students. Fatemeh lost her eye and suffered severe damage to her jaw and ear.

However, the resilient girl didn’t let her injuries deter her from pursuing her dreams. She resumed her studies while recovering from her injuries and scored more than 85% in her exams. Speaking to BBC News, she revealed that she would study computer science at Kabul University.

The attack took place while students were sitting for a practice university exam. Eyewitnesses revealed that most of the victims were girls who were seated in the front row, near the blast. Despite the impact of the attack on her, Fatemeh soldiered on, saying that losing her eye only made her stronger.



Fatemeh’s teacher helped her check her results online, and she was ecstatic to find that she had passed her entrance exams. Although she was initially upset that she wasn’t among the top 10 highest result achievers, she remained resolute in her determination to study computer science.

“Girls’ talent should not be ignored…This is not a setback for girls, they won’t accept defeat,” she said. Fatemeh’s story is one of resilience, determination, and courage in the face of adversity. She is an inspiration to all young girls around the world who face challenges in pursuing their dreams.

Written by Chanuka

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