Rescue Of A Black Bear Trapped In A Frozen Culvert In Minnesota

A black bear in Wannaska, Minnesota, was recently rescued after becoming trapped in a frozen culvert while trying to hibernate. The incident prompted a rescue team from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to intervene and help set the bear free.

According to reports, the bear, a 6-year-old male weighing between 375 and 400 pounds, had identified the culvert as a good place to hibernate for the winter. However, melting snow flooded the culvert, and the bear became trapped in snow and ice. The bear tried to push himself out but got wedged on frozen water that had frozen and thawed multiple times.


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Responding to calls from the public, four members of the Minnesota DNR went out to save the bear. To knock out the bear, they injected him with anesthetic. It took the rescuers 20 minutes to get the bear out, and they used a rope with “paw cuffs” to pull him out of the snow. The bear was healthy and unharmed, but he was reportedly “groggy” due to being woken up from his winter hibernation.


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The bear was relocated to a state game sanctuary where he will continue his hibernation. The DNR emphasized that situations like this should be handled by professionals and urged people not to try to move or feed the bear. Well-intentioned bystanders had previously tried to pull the bear out on their own and even offered snacks like Pop-Tarts, cat food, and Swedish Fish, which wouldn’t have been good for the bear.

The rescue has sparked a debate online about whether humans should have intervened or let nature take its course. However, the DNR said they made their decision carefully to save the bear from distress.


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If you ever come across a situation like this, it is best to call the authorities and let professionals handle it. Don’t try to move or feed the animal, as it can result in a bad situation for both the animal and yourself.

In conclusion, we should be thankful for the efforts of the Minnesota DNR in rescuing this black bear from a frozen culvert. It’s a reminder that animals sometimes need human help to get out of tricky situations.

Credits: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

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