The Heartwarming Moment An Orphaned Kangaroo Finds Comfort In A Teddy Bear

Research has shown that friendships are essential for our health and happiness, and this includes animals as well. Even the bond created by a stuffed animal can provide comfort and ease someone’s difficulties. Doodlebug, a young kangaroo, is a prime example of this. He was abandoned as a child and is now being taken care of by animal rehabilitator Gillian Abbott in Australia’s New South Wales state’s Northern Rivers area.


Despite being an Eastern grey kangaroo, Doodlebug has won the hearts of many after images of him cuddling a teddy bear went viral. These images demonstrate the importance of a good embrace, especially for an orphaned wallaby. According to Tim Beshara, an advisor to Greens senator for Tasmania Peter Whish-Wilson and Gillian Abbott’s son, Doodlebug may have slipped out of his mother’s pouch, or his mother may have passed away.


Doodlebug is now grown and healthy enough to return to the wild, but he still needs a little assistance from Abbott and her team. Abbott believed that Doodlebug needed a companion to console him and assist in his development, much like newborns do. So, she gave him a cuddly teddy to snuggle with. They appear to react to the objects much like a child would. They regard it like a friend, claims Abbott. It is no surprise that Doodlebug wants to embrace his favorite bear after he has just lost his mother and home.


In conclusion, the story of Doodlebug and his teddy bear is a heartwarming one. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, a little comfort and love can go a long way. We can all learn a lesson from this orphaned kangaroo and his cuddly friend.

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Written by Pasan Nanayakkara

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