This depicts a goose providing loving care for a puppy abandoned on the street, which is a touching scene.

Source: Facebook/Suzanne Petra

Love and friendship can go on for as long as either party desires, and it would appear that animals have a much more profound and nuanced understanding of these concepts than people do. Love and friendship can span any distance.

The bottom line on this issue is that if an animal feels that there are no boundaries between them and another animal, they will do exactly what they want in their own world. This means that they will go out of their way to avoid hurting other animals or harming people or things around them. They will go out of their way to protect themselves and others from harm. They will do this because they feel like it makes sense to do so, because they feel like it’s better than having no boundaries at all.

It is not un-heard of for members of various species of animals to form friendships with members of other species. When this occurs, the associations are often quite pleasant and satisfying. Recently, several endearing images circulating on social media of kind-hearted geese attempting to comfort a frightened dog on the side-of the road have attracted a lot of attention.


Source: Facebook/Suzanne Petra

As soon as the geese found the small dog, the canine was weeping and howling from the cold because its mother had abandoned it immediately after the delivery of its young. The goose took rapid and hasty action to expand its feathers to shield itself from the severely cold weather and maintain a consistent temperature within its body.

Puppies need love! If they don’t get enough love they may not thrive and grow properly. So if you find a puppy on the streets, take him home and give him lots of love and attention. He’ll thank you later.

When the goose started petting the puppy with her beak, the guy who noticed this and caught it initially thought that the goose was going to eat the puppy. However, when the goose started petting it, the man recognised what she was truly up to petting the dog. After lying down with the goose for a while, the dog eventually fell asleep in the warmth of the goose’s body, which helped it fall asleep more quickly.

They were rescued shortly after the photographer who shot the images put them online, and the dog and the goose were saved together. On the other side, the two have integrated so seamlessly into the new family that they cannot be separated

Hearing stories like this can help us learn an important lesson because we often fail to see the necessity of being sympathetic and kind.

Source: Facebook


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