11-Year-Old Iranian Girl Surpasses Einstein and Hawking with Record-Breaking Mensa IQ Score

The world of intelligence and academic excellence has been shaken with the recent news of an 11-year-old girl from Iran who has achieved the highest score ever recorded in the Mensa IQ test. Tara Sharifi, a student at Aylesbury High School, has surpassed the scores of some of the greatest minds in history, including Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, with her remarkable result of 162 points.

The Mensa IQ test is a globally recognized measure of intelligence and academic potential. It assesses the ability of individuals to understand and interpret information, recognize patterns, and solve problems within a set time frame. The test has a genius benchmark of 140 points, which Tara Sharifi has exceeded by a significant margin.

Tara’s achievement has come as a surprise to her and her family. She admitted to being shocked when she received the result and never expected to score so highly. Tara’s father, Hossein, shared in his daughter’s excitement and pride, saying that he was extremely proud but also surprised at her exceptional IQ. He added that Tara’s interest in mathematics was evident from a young age and that he always suspected she would excel in this area.


Tara’s score qualifies her for membership in the Mensa High IQ Society, a prestigious organization that brings together individuals from around the world who have achieved exceptional scores on IQ tests. Tara has expressed her excitement about the opportunity to meet and connect with other talented individuals within the Mensa community.

Tara’s remarkable achievement is a testament to the importance of nurturing a child’s intellectual and academic potential from a young age. Her success has inspired many others to pursue their passions and strive for excellence in their respective fields. Tara’s future prospects are bright, and she has already stated her intention to pursue a career in mathematics when she is older.

In conclusion, Tara Sharifi’s record-breaking score in the Mensa IQ test is a remarkable achievement that has captured the attention of the world. Her exceptional intelligence and academic potential serve as an inspiration to young people everywhere, and her future is sure to be bright. Tara’s story is a reminder that with hard work and determination, anyone can achieve greatness and make their mark on the world.

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