Abused And Abandoned Pregnant Pooch, Shot 17 Times Is Now A Registered Therapy Dog

As a registered therapy dog, Maggie is a symbol of hope and resilience, spreading happiness and positivity wherever she goes. This pooch has been through so much, but her unwavering spirit has inspired thousands of people to keep fighting, no matter how difficult their struggles may be.

Maggie’s journey began when she was discovered in Lebanon, tied up in a box, with a broken jaw, one ear severed off, and her eyes shot out. Despite this horrific abuse, Maggie was still pregnant, and she was rescued by the Wild Heart Foundation animal charity. This rescue organization was founded by a group of animal lovers who wanted to provide a better life for abandoned and abused animals, and they saw something special in Maggie.

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After undergoing a long rehabilitation period, Maggie was adopted by Kasey Carline, a 25-year-old animal lover from Brighton. Kasey saw the potential in Maggie and was determined to give her a better life, despite her disabilities. With Kasey’s love and care, Maggie began to thrive, and she quickly became a beloved member of the Carline household.

As Maggie’s strength and resilience continued to shine through, Kasey decided to train her to become a therapy dog. Maggie’s story quickly went viral, and she soon had thousands of fans who were inspired by her unwavering spirit. And now, after months of hard work and training, Maggie has passed her therapy dog test, and she is officially registered as a therapy dog.


As a therapy dog, Maggie continues to spread happiness and positivity wherever she goes. She visits care homes, hospitals, and universities, bringing a smile to everyone she meets. Her visits have a profound impact on those she interacts with, and her unwavering spirit is a source of inspiration and hope.

Maggie’s story is a testament to the power of love and compassion. She is proof that even in the darkest moments, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Her journey is a reminder that no matter how difficult our struggles may be, we can overcome them and find happiness and joy in life.


Maggie’s Instagram page, which has over 100k followers, captures her journey as a “Cute Happy Disabled Rescue Dog” and continues to spread positivity and inspiration. Kasey’s writing on the page, describing Maggie’s adventures and experiences, has touched the hearts of thousands of people, and it is clear that this therapy dog is making a huge difference in the world.

In conclusion, Maggie’s story is a reminder that hope can be found in even the most difficult circumstances. She is proof that with love, care, and compassion, anyone can overcome their challenges and find happiness and joy in life. Maggie’s story is an inspiration to us all, and we should all strive to live our lives with the same unwavering spirit and resilience that she embodies.

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