20 Fascinating Illustrations That Help Put Things Into Perspective And Make Sense Of Everything Around Us.

It doesn’t matter if we’re discussing people’s heights, the lengths of trucks, or even the quality of our skin or how quiet our area is; context is the most important thing.

We would not understand how these things “fit” into the world if we did not have anything to compare them to or contrast them with.

Therefore, to broaden your views, we have compiled a new list of the most interesting comparisons to expand your perspective.


One-Year Of Good-Care And Love

Credits: zoace88


My autistic son finds comfort in repetition and routine. The best. 19 years of snuggling.

Credits: Timfrostyo


It’s harder to achieve while staying at the same company.

Credits: MoniMokshith


10-Year-Old Me vs. 25-Year-Old Me.

Credits: Theoson


Before and after liver transplant photos

Credits: Orri


When vs. Where.

Credits: bape_x_anime


Looking back helps me realise how far I’ve come.

Credits: rena_serenaa

I spent my adolescence in and out of hospitals and treatment centers, at war with my thoughts. I had to rediscover myself, what made me happy, and what made life worthwhile.


2011 was my first portrait, and 2021 will be my last.

Credits; Proka1234


Best Day Ever

Credits: aznbbgoth


My husband, with all his books.

Credits; FaolansPen


From a Tiny Pod to a Majestic Queen in Her Own Right.



My 10-Year Progress Become an RN.

Credits: MoveAfterCompletion


My grandparents dressed alike for a party, 1955.

Credits: chipsandsourcream1


My client wanted a rat rug. My Rug vs. Them.

Credits: _bbrug_


Cross-stitch embroidery with backstitches.

Credits: lavenderfart


Internet Stranger Offers to Restore My Uncle’s Only Known Photo. Too little was asked. This cost me more.

Credits: Ruffffian


Cancer-stricken me vs. healthy me spending Christmas with my family.

Credits: waxeryboiliroo


Inverted colours bring Liam York’s negative drawings to life.

Credits: MisterYorkie


Best friends, Then And Now.

Credits: jillieboobean


Grandma From Doc Brown To A Hollywood Starlet.

Credits: felatedbirthday

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