20 Pictures of Adorable Rescued Animals to Help Mend Your Heart

Credits: ProfessionalCarrot33

Because the days are growing shorter and an increasing number of people are getting into the gloomy atmosphere that comes with autumn, it is only fitting that we do some warming up from the inside out. And whereas a pumpkin-spiced cappuccino and a slice of carrot cake will only do the job for a limited period, we know the soul warmer will last for the entire month.

Welcoming you to collection of rescued and adopted woofers, puppers, and all other critters deserving of a second chance in life is everything else in this collection. You’ll find some of the most heartwarming and reassuring tales of lucky pets adopted by loving families who couldn’t imagine their lives without them below.


I just wanted to share my rescue dogs before and after photos. I got her Monday, and She was set to be euthanized yesterday!

Credits: blurredlines13


This Cat Brought Two Others to our House

Credits: Pinkish_Cate


We tried adopting one but couldn’t separate the sisters. Butter and Biscuit, welcome home

Credits: jam0152


Our Black Kitty, Solo

Credits: anxietypillowfight


He Got-Adopted

Credits: ProfessionalCarrot33


Classy three legs, no teeth. I adopted a guy today

Credits: ItIsIBryanFerry


Cutest-Puppy To Have Ever Existed

Credits: geekymama


Live Action Version Of Puss In Boots

Credits: GIRgurl


He always Sleeps Like This

Credits: Frankensteinbatch


Her Name Is Mira

Credits: Ti-Killa


Adopted and welcome Home Cleo

Credits: tinselpandora


One Happy-Rescue, Butter Has Only Been Home-Two-Hours!

Credits: phoneybear


Shelter to Home

Credits: petalllthedogsss


Because “Black Cats Bring Bad Luck” No One At The Shelter Wanted To Adopt This Beautiful Main Coon. Meet Baba

Credits: armshady


This Is Bagheera!

Credits: HuckDoon


Meet Maggie!!

Credits: pangolin1126


He was neglected, then passed to my friend and me. Fix You!

Credits: Hamburgo


I Just Adopted Him Yesterday

Credit: Dangerous-Vehicle611


Barking Cat

Credits: miszzel


Kitten Rescued From Bus Engine

“2.5-month-old Cal’s name is Cal. Because of ringworm, he’s sleeping in one of my bathrooms, but he’s not missing love, caring, or toys.”

Credits: mape14

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