A magnificent Gingko Tree that is 1400 years old

The Ginkgo Tree is one of the oldest trees, having been around for over 400 million years. This ancient tree resides at a Zen Monastery in China and has seen countless visitors throughout history. The monks have decided to allow a limited number of visitors to see the tree daily, requiring them to make reservations online. The tree is so stunningly beautiful that almost 60,000 people are waiting to see it. Those who wish to see the tree must go through a process of registering themselves online, and then wait in line to see it. Enjoy your experience.


Emperor Li Shimin was the founder of the Tang Dynasty. His reign lasted for 14 years, and he died in 626 AD. He was credited with planting the tree.

China is the birthplace of this old tree species. It’s a sight to behold as the leaves fall off and a symbol of several TCM-related health advantages.


According to the experts, the tree has been carefully cared for because it is located in the courtyard of a monastery. Other well-cared-for trees, however, don’t even come close to this longevity. What gives, then?

It’s unclear what’s kept the tree alive for so long. If you agree with this school-of-thought, you might think that the good energy of meditators and well-wishers over hundreds of years has helped this tree grow.

There’s no-way to know how long it will last. Life may go on anyway. The tree’s annual shedding of golden leaves is a sign of good health, and the tree itself is doing fine.


If you’re a tree worshipper, visiting this spectacular specimen would be like making a pilgrimage. And if you have a thing for trees, you should see the infamous bloodwood tree.

The Zhongnan Mountains in Xi’an are home to the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple, where you may see the fantastic falling leaves of this ancient tree.


But you should anticipate crowds, as you will likely be among thousands of other travelers. Since it became widely known over the internet, it has become an annual tradition for many people to visit.

Make a reservation if you want to see it. Especially since you’ll be meeting a living relic, this is something you’ll want to plan ahead of time.




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