26 Amusingly Frustrating Efforts in DIY Gardening

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of urban gardening, especially during the pandemic. It has become a way for people to promote environmental protection, mental health, and fun. With the rise of the “grow your own” trend, more and more people are turning their backyards and balconies into little lands for harvesting.

However, growing your own food is not always as easy as it seems. Despite the best of intentions, the results can be hilariously disappointing. In fact, when reality doesn’t meet expectations, it often ends up on the Reddit page called “Mighty Harvest.” Here are some of the funniest gardening and harvesting fails that will make you laugh out loud.

Despite the challenges, more and more young people are getting into gardening. The trend of buying herbs, fruit, and vegetables for planting has boomed, with Ireland’s market reaching €19 million in 2019. The same tendency is observed in other countries around the globe, with the Covid pandemic creating 18.3 million new gardeners in the US alone, most of whom are millennials.

Experts believe that the millennial love for gardening is tied to movements of self-care and wellness. Since many young people don’t have access to an outdoor space as the majority of working millennials live in urban spaces, bringing plants, fruits, and veggies inside seems like an appealing solution.

If you’re looking to try your hand at growing your own food, it’s best to start small. The experts at MiracleGro recommend harvesting often to encourage bushy growth. For herbs like mint, basil, cilantro, and dill, snip a few inches from the top of each stem, cutting right above a set of leaves. You can also harvest full stems from the outside of the plant by cutting a half-inch above the plant’s base.

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a beginner, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process. And if your harvest doesn’t turn out as planned, just remember that you’re not alone – even the most experienced gardeners can have hilarious fails!

# I preserved the watermelon seeds from the previous year and produced my own watermelons.


# My Crop Is Growing Well


# Enormous harvest


# My 4-foot-tall pear tree produces one perfect pear every year and has no leaves.


#  I’ll spice a thousand dishes with these peppers!


# The scale for My Mighty Pineapple is an apple. Since I ran out of bananas


# Anyone Up For Some Lemon Water?


# The Tiniest Jack O’Lantern Is Here Just In Time For Halloween


# Just In Time For Our Village’s Traditional Easter Feast, This Beast Was Delivered After Three and a Half Months.


# I Love My Chili So Much. She made an effort.

# Undoubtedly, My Cart Will Feed An Whole Town!


# Ready To Begin Harvesting.

# I spent hours cutting this baby up. Hopefully, this will put an end to world hunger. Hand And Chinese Chef Knife For Reference


# We’re feasting on potatoes tonight!


# We waited two years for our one and only lemon.


# I was able to transform one clove of garlic into one clove of garlic with a stem in just six months.


# This is my harvest of potatoes from three different plants. Fear not, they tasted awful too.


# This will enable us to survive the winter.


# I only spent $200 on growing these.


# Making strawberry jam for my neighbors is now necessary.


# I’ll have to give some of the abundant harvest to family and friends.


# If Life Hands You Lemons…


# These Delicious Mangos Have Been a Blessing From The Rains


# these Delicious Mangos Have Been a Blessing From The Rains


# Ama is the local pepper growing expert.


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