40 Pets Surprising Their Owners With Gifts They Didn’t Ask For 

Have you ever received an unexpected gift from your pet? Perhaps a dead mouse from your cat or a chewed-up shoe from your dog? While these presents may not be what you were hoping for, they can be a sign of affection from your furry friend. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why pets bring their owners gifts and what you can do to handle this behavior.

Yulia Popyk, an animal behavior expert from Emergency Pet Fund, explains that pets’ gift-giving behavior is often a combination of instinct, training, and a desire for attention or rewards. For cats, their natural hunting instincts can drive them to bring prey to their owners. This behavior can be a way for the cat to demonstrate their affection or to establish dominance. In dogs’ case, the behavior of bringing things to their owners is often seen in breeds that were originally bred for hunting or retrieval. These dogs have a strong instinct to retrieve and bring things to their owners, and this behavior can be further strengthened through training and positive reinforcement.

However, Popyk advises that it’s not recommended to encourage this behavior as it can pose a health risk to both the pet and its owner. Wild animals can carry diseases that can be transmitted to pets and humans. If this behavior becomes excessive, it’s best to seek advice from a veterinarian as there may be an underlying medical condition causing the behavior.

So what can you do if your pet keeps bringing you presents? Popyk suggests providing plenty of toys and interactive play for your cat to encourage their hunting instincts. For dogs, you can train them to retrieve specific items and reward them for doing so. It’s also essential to ensure that your pet’s living environment is safe and secure, with no access to small animals they can hunt.

It’s important to discourage this behavior if it becomes excessive. When your pet brings you a present, firmly but calmly tell them “no” and remove the gift. Do not give them any attention as this can reinforce the behavior. With patience and consistency, you can train your pet to stop bringing you presents. Remember, it may take time, but it’s worth it to ensure the health and safety of both you and your furry friend.

In conclusion, while pets’ gift-giving behavior may not always be appreciated, it can be a sign of affection and instinctual behavior. However, it’s crucial to discourage excessive gift-giving and ensure your pet’s living environment is safe and secure. With proper training and attention, you can manage this behavior and enjoy the love and affection that your pet has to offer.

# This cat patiently waits for the flowers to bloom before carefully choosing the best ones to give to her owner as gifts.


# He despises donning this hat, but brings it to me whenever he notices that I’m depressed since it makes me laugh when he does.


# As I was at work, this dog kept pulling at my pants and led me to an Airpod that I hadn’t been able to locate for a week. Thank you, Doggie Pat Pat


# Peepers a Blind Cat Is Very Proud Of The Present From His Nightly Hunt He Brought Us.


# After a particularly stressful day at work, my dog brought me her favorite toy when she overheard me sobbing in the bathtub.


# Around the house, my dog picks up objects and brings them to me for treats. Today he managed to obtain this.


# Every time I return home, my Golden brings me an old rug as a gesture of welcome.


# Just choosing red or brown leaves, she carefully selected each one before bringing them inside one at a time and setting them outside my bedroom. She performs this each day.


# Dog Toys In Your Cup When You First Wake Up


# On my packed suitcase, Bonnie placed her favorite toy. Oh, the feelings


# Butters brought me an outside chicken wing. There’s still heat. From whence did you get this?


# I’ve been giving this stray cat food for little over a year. believed she was gaining weight. It turned out that she had three kittens and gave them to me.


# When I go home, Honey likes to give me gifts, but today she really outdid herself.


# I spent the day sick in bed. When I finally opened the door, Arthur the cat was there with a gift for me—a Christmas ornament from the tree


# I receive jalapenos from my garden from the neighbor’s cat. He’s very content, good cat.


# This is an old story, but she brought me a railroad beam after I threw her a stick. She occasionally discovers potatoes.


# Meet Beast, who has been sending me pink flowers for the past seven years.


# Every day, a friend’s cat brings him mushrooms. Just mushrooms, no mice or other insects

# Rocky, My Saving Grace From Cyprus When you get home, he brings you a blanket.


# Instead of becoming alarmed when she heard thunder, my dog Bowie brought me two of her toys to make sure I wasn’t.


# My boyfriend works from home, so this is his office. These Are All The Socks She Brought Up For Him Today From The Basement To The Third Floor


# Every day, Pupper has been bringing us eggs that she has stolen from wild chickens.


# Until Crumpet reminded me with a gift, I had completely forgotten that it was my cake day.


# For months, my cat has only been allowed indoors. He gave me a toy snake today.


# A pencil was brought to me by my girl while I was drawing. While doing it, you also look adorable.


# A pet tortoise owned by my parents wanders the house. He brought them a chicken nugget he found today under the couch as a gift.


# Every night, my cat brings me one of the bra pads she has collected by removing them from my bras while making an odd meow.


# My Cat Will Bring You Stuff While I’m Cooking in Return for Treats


# She enjoys wearing random clothes for no apparent reason.


# Did You Bring Me A… Tomato?


# Puppy with a Gift


# We used to feed this cat, then a few days ago she gave birth, and today she brought this little boy to our doorstep.


# My dog frequently retrieves lost balls and brings them home.


# My dog recently brought me one of my dumbbells after repeatedly observing me exercise at home.


# Every morning, the dog of my folks welcomes me with a gift. That Was a feather today.


# Feather Caught in the Midst of the Air. Every couple of hours, she brings one home.


# Every time I arrive home, my dog always has a pair of shoes.


# Milo Continues to Give Me Presents. In my yard, he discovered this one buried. I Have No Idea What It Unlocks


# He returned with a crab apple after I threw a tennis ball. Near Enough, I suppose


# Every morning, she brings me a bouquet.


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