30 Times People Came Up With An Awful Shoe Design But Executed Their Ideas Flawlessly

Do you ever wonder what goes through a fashion designer’s mind when they create an unusual piece of clothing? The ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ subreddit is a popular online community of nearly 1.9 million members who document quality craftsmanship that is, ironically, somewhat tasteless. This article focuses on 30 bizarre shoe designs that were executed flawlessly, despite being considered overdesigned and tasteless by some.

When it comes to shoes, there are generally three types of people: those who value function and comfort, those who seek a balance between function and form, and true fashion lovers who prioritize the form of the shoe over its functionality. However, some fashion-forward individuals go beyond the norm and experiment with unique shoe designs that push the limits of taste. While some of these designs may seem outrageous, they can be a way to have fun, relax, and start a discussion.

The line between good and bad taste is not always clear, and not all designs will be successful. Good design is about finding a balance between the creator’s vision for the product and what the consumer values. A functional, user-friendly, and visually pleasing design is the key to success.

Fashion designer Oyinda Akinfenwa emphasizes the importance of getting shoes right and avoiding the mistake of wearing the wrong shoes for an outfit. She advises against adding too much to an already busy outfit and recommends a minimalist approach in some cases.

In the end, the key to creating successful shoe designs is finding the right balance between fashion and function. The designs featured in the ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ subreddit may not be for everyone, but they prove that pushing the limits of taste can result in surprising and successful outcomes.

In conclusion, the 30 shoe designs featured in this article are a testament to the fact that good design is all about empathizing with the buyer, finding a balance between fashion and function, and pushing the limits of taste. Which designs do you love or hate? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

# Bird Shoes


# These Campbell’s Tomato Soup shoes were a Christmas present I once got.


# This pair of gum shoe high heels


# This Shoe Is From Marge Simpson


# Protective Crocs


# These Shoes Were Discovered At A Consignment Store

# My Submission For A Local Competition About Footwear


# I Found This While I Searched for “Dachshund In Shoes”


# These Star Wars shoes that my brother purchased


# These are lovely, in my opinion, and they remind me of Monster High doll shoes. My Boyfriend Dislikes Them. Lol


# I recently discovered that I have always had an impeccable sense of style after going through my old shoe collection.


# Equine Boots


# This pair of footwear


# Pasta Sneakers


# I visited a dollar store and discovered grass shoes.


# Trackless Shoes


#  School Supplies Shoes


# Shoes Ps2


# I notice your scuffed shoes and I offer you these. Teddie Boots


# These Are Probably Shoes


# Unattractive Crocodile Shoes Looking Away


# Shoe with “Human Skin”


# The Terriblest Tennis Shoes Ever


# Translucent Sports Shoes


# HDMI Shoes


# For elves, running shoes?

Running Shoes...for Elves??


# Those Boots


# Shoes That Double as Leather Pants: Pantalones


# ShoeBuzz Lightyear


# Meatball Shoes, Cloudy With A Chance Of


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