How Plus-Size Models Are Fighting Back Against Body Shaming in the Modeling Industry Through the Power of Photoshop

In a world where we’re bombarded with images of perfect bodies, two plus-size models, Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe, have teamed up with photographer Karizza to expose the power of Photoshop. They wanted to show how photo manipulation can change your body and present a distorted reality.


# These two stunning women, Diana on the right and Callie on the left, choose to demonstrate how magazines and the media take editing to a new level.


Karizza used Photoshop to make extreme body image edits on the photographs of Diana and Callie, and the results are stunning. The before and after images show how much photo manipulation can change a person’s appearance, even to the point of making them look like a completely different person.

# To demonstrate how much can be modified using computer software, they requested a professional photographer to apply Photoshop on their bodies.


Both Diana and Callie shared the pictures on their Instagram accounts to show the difference that photo editing can make. Diana wrote, “The purpose of this was to show you all how magazines and the media take editing to a different level. Models and celebrities do not even look like themselves in those photoshopped images. We live in such a fake world; it’s time to bring real back. Own who you are and slay!”

# They displayed the original graphic encouraging people to “Own who you are and slay” in the same post.


It’s not just the media that’s responsible for perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards. Social media platforms like Instagram are full of altered images that can affect people’s self-esteem and make them feel like they’re not good enough. By sharing these photos, Diana and Callie hope to encourage people to embrace their bodies and be proud of who they are.

# These women had previously disseminated the idea of body positivity.


The beauty industry has been criticized for promoting an unattainable standard of beauty that has a negative impact on people’s mental health. The use of Photoshop and other photo editing software to make models look thinner or to alter their body shape is just one example of how this unrealistic beauty standard is perpetuated. The problem is that the images we see in magazines and on social media are not real, and they’re not attainable without the use of photo editing software.

# Diana posted a picture of her figure next to Kim Kardashian’s last month along with the caption, “We are both women with different bodies.”


This is why it’s important to be aware of the effects of photo manipulation and to celebrate all body types. By seeing the before-and-after images, we can realize that nobody’s perfect, and that’s okay. It’s time to embrace our natural bodies and learn to love ourselves just the way we are.

# Everyone can support these ladies’ primary message, which is that everyone should love themselves.


In conclusion, Diana and Callie’s message is clear: don’t compare yourself to edited images you see in magazines and on social media. Be proud of who you are and love yourself. We hope that their message inspires more people to appreciate their bodies and that it helps to change the unrealistic beauty standards that are so prevalent in today’s society.

Written by Chanuka

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