An Artist Carves A Giant Octopus Sculpture Out Of A Discarded Redwood Stump Using A Chainsaw.

Jeffrey Michael Samudosky, an American chainsaw artist and woodcarver, has been creating intricate carving artworks from various Pacific Northwest trees. His medium of choice is wood. Samudosky is a self-taught carver who launched his firm, JMS Wood Sculpture, in 1998. JMS Wood Sculpture is located in Gig Harbor, Washington. Since he first began his professional career, Samudosky has appeared on the Discovery Channel and taken part in events in a variety of locations all over the world

One of his most recent pieces is a dead limb from a redwood tree that has been sculpted into the likeness of a Giant Pacific Octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini), complete with enormous tentacles that are stretched out and expose more intricate details at their tips. Because the cephalopod’s tentacles curl and twist their way across sections that the artist left uncarved, including the entire back of the trunk, it appears as though the octopus is sitting on top of the tree rather than being a part of it.

The following photographs show the growth of his labor as the trunk of the dead redwood tree is miraculously converted into an enormous octopus.

Credit for these photographs goes to JMS Wood Sculpture.


Jeffrey Michael Samudosky with uncarved Redwood stump 






Long tentacles and circular suckers add to the sculpture’s beauty. The 14-foot-long, 9-foot-tall, 3,500-pound sculpture looks stunning, almost like it’s swimming. Redwood Burl supplied the trunk. Samudosky carved this sea monster sculpture with chainsaws, grinders, sanding tools, dremels, and chisels.

Jeff studied art-and-photography in high school. After graduation, he worked as an Outward Bound instructor, ice climber, and rafting guide. Samudosky became a wilderness EMT after training as an Alpine mountaineering guide in Jackson Hole, Wyoming







A snowboarding accident injured his back and numbed his legs. After eight months, he recovered and regained leg mobility. Samudosky, an enthusiastic and resilient man, chose to snowboard again.

A journey to Vermont’s mountains led to a new passion and full-time career. During his journey, he saw some wood carvings and thought, “I could do that.” After teaching himself painting and woodworking, he founded JMS Wood Sculpture in 1998.



His business has allowed him to live and travel everywhere. Samudosky has participated in carving competitions globally for almost 20 years. He appeared in Saw Dogs on Discovery Channel. His sculptures have appeared in National Geographic Kids UK Magazine, and Ripley’s Odd is Art.

Samudosky enjoys sculpting larger-than-life animals, including horses, wolves, and eagles. He’s carved large diving helmets, rams, and bears. He also creates native American-themed sculptures. Some items took four years to perfect.



You can discover more of the talented and dedicated woodcarver’s artworks on his website, JMS Wood Sculpture, and Facebook.

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