Get To Know The Glistening Green Tanager: A Bird Resembling Fluorescent School Highlighters

Green is a color that symbolizes life, health, nature, abundance, and freshness. It is often associated with plants and leaves, but many animals also have this hue on their body. One such animal is the Glistening Green Tanager, a bird with an iridescent neon green plumage that looks like fluorescent highlighters.


Source: Instagram | @andres.vasquez.n

Male and female Glistening Green Tanagers look alike, with the female’s shade a bit paler. Their neon green feathers are enough to make them stick out, and they don’t need a colorful combination to shine. In fact, their photos often appear to be photoshopped due to their glowy appearance.


Source: Instagram | @hozemiya

Apart from their appearance, Glistening Green Tanagers can be recognized by their wheezy and lispy calls. They are found alone or in pairs joining mixed-species flocks to forage for food, including both fruits and insects. They often hang upside down like bats and pick insects from the undersides of leaves.


Source: Instagram | @jlynpphotography

These particular tanagers seem to prefer insects to berries, but they play an important role in the ecosystem by dispersing the seeds of the fruits they consume. Glistening Green Tanagers are currently considered to have a stable population, and it is hoped that they will not face any grave threats in the future.


Source: Instagram | @wildlife_darling

In conclusion, the Glistening Green Tanager is a unique and beautiful bird that stands out with its iridescent neon green plumage. It is a reminder of the importance of biodiversity and the beauty of nature. So next time you see a fluorescent highlighter, think of the Glistening Green Tanager and the wonders of the natural world.

Written by Pasan Nanayakkara

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