Gorilla Expresses Gratitude Through Heartfelt Embrace with Park Ranger

Gorillas are known to be intelligent and emotional creatures, and this touching story of a gorilla sharing a hug with her park ranger friend is proof of their capacity for love and gratitude.

The event occurred in the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Ndazi, a young gorilla, expressed her thanks to her guardian angel, Andre, in the most adorable way possible. A Chicago-based photographer, Shannon Witz, captured the moment on camera and shared the images with the world.


The photographs showcase Ndazi leaning against Andre, her eyes closed, and a sense of quiet and serenity in the moment. The images depict their true affection and trust for each other, making it a beautiful moment that Shannon felt privileged to witness.


This is not the first time that mountain gorillas have been captured on camera sharing special moments with their caretakers. Last year, several hilarious selfies of endangered animals and park guards went viral on the internet, highlighting the strong bond between these incredible creatures and their human protectors.


Virunga National Park, which houses the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over 600 rangers, both men and women, risk their lives every day to protect the park’s magnificent species, making it a vital conservation effort that deserves our attention and support.


In conclusion, this heartwarming story of a gorilla hug between Ndazi and Andre highlights the unique bond between animals and humans, and the importance of protecting these endangered species. We can all learn a lesson from this touching embrace and strive to show more love and gratitude to the creatures that share our planet.

Written by Pasan Nanayakkara

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