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Heartwarming Transformation: 30 Photos of Rescued Dogs Before and After Adoption Shared by People

Animal shelters are brimming with dogs of all breeds and ages waiting for their forever homes. While getting a dog from a kennel can be tempting, the best decision you can make is to adopt a dog from a shelter. There are thousands of lovable dogs waiting for you to give them a second chance.

The r/BeforeNAfterAdoption subreddit is a community where dog owners share pictures of their shelter dogs before and after being adopted. The heartwarming pictures show the transformation of these dogs from scared and sad to happy and loved. It’s a beautiful reminder of the difference adoption can make in an animal’s life.

# I’ve Never Met A Sweeter Being Than Her. Other than “Look,” I’m not always sure what to say about her transformation. The First Picture Is A Month Before The Second, The Last Is Her 2 Year Gotcha -Versary

mage source: justwantedquiet

# Our adorable Toby was discovered unable to use his back legs in a ditch. He is currently the road’s king on two wheels.

Image source: wacha23

# Maya’s Year Following Adoption.

Image source: FloppyWallaby

#Buck is the best decision my girlfriend and I have ever made. Since we adopted him in August of 2019, he has changed our lives more than he has Buck’s. I adore this guy to pieces!

Image source: swn96

# Some years ago, I posted Luna’s glow-up here, but now, on the occasion of her six-year gotcha day anniversary, I just wanted to share her once again because I adore her so much.

Image source: mugglequeen

# During an unknown period of time, Joker Dog served as a bait dog. He only needed love to heal, and that has amazed me ever since I first met him.

Image source: forestfae333

# This sick puppy, who had liver cirrhosis and wasn’t expected to survive more than three months, was brought home by us. One year has passed since we brought him home, and he is now in better health than ever.

Image source: randomgurl1234

# The Changing Ears Of Our Foster Dog. From the moment the stray was discovered till the present

Image source: MyPalJosie

# At intake versus almost a year in her forever home, Mighty Marmalade

Image source: papalaponape

# Magnum Was Rescued By A Local Shelter Where I Live. Thank You To All Of You Who Work Tirelessly To Save These Angels’ Lives

mage source: Ogamiya

# How It Began versus How It’s Going

Image source: mmsharpshooter3

# Look Out That Glow Up: My Local Shelter Uploaded A Post-Adoption Update Of This Puppy! (Not My Puppy)

Image source: animallover42069

# The Present and the Day We Met. A decade later

Image source: minerva0309

# My mother didn’t believe me when I told her this dog was the same one I had adopted from the Dominican Republic one month prior. He had mange and was malnourished before I gave him the name Remi, but not anymore!

Image source: Knottygirl420

# When She Beat Me In November 2019 against April 2020, My Darling Daughter

Image source: nothinbutsomethinnew

# Olly was saved by a South Korean organization that rescues dogs from abusive situations and from being held by restaurants to be eaten. Because of his bald spot and mixed breed appearance, he was unlikely to find adoption there. They Sent Him To A Rescue In Our City. Adopted Him Over 2 Years Ago

Image source:

# Rogers, Mr. He was unable to walk since he was blind, emaciated, hungry, and weak. His Literal Bones Were Jutting Out Through His Skin. Like White Bone. I Brought Him Home From The Shelter For The Night But Decided He Needed To Go Stay At The Veterinarian After I Saw His Condition

Image source: gkstacey

# First Photo Is One Year Ago When We Got Him From The Shelter – Insecure And Nervous. Many Hikes And Plays Later – He’s The King Of Our Home. Dude’s First Adoptiversary!

Image source: Sibel_Rac

# We Got Her At 2.5 As A Foster When She Was Used As A Bait Dog, Eating Zip Ties, And Had A Crushed Hip Joint. Now She Has Had One Best Friend (Who Passed Last Year) And Now Is The Best Friend Of Our Newest Rescue Lindsie!

Image source: ChronicallyBrookelyn

# My foster canine Three weeks after we saved her from an animal cruelty case on that day

Image source: caitiesfosterfam

# Millie, Today and When She Was Saved in Mississippi. The Greatest Canine

Image source: incub8r

# Meet Bebe, My Music Friend, Who Was Saved After Being Thrown From A Moving Vehicle Five Years Ago

Image source: _adrinthesky_

# One day, on the way to work, I met my girlfriend on a remote dirt road. She has obviously been hit in the past, therefore I believe she was left there. She Is Now Our Sweet Nipsy And Lives With Us On Our Farm

Image source: Spirited_Charge6191

# Crates, brooms, gloves, and walking anywhere unfamiliar or noisy made him nervous. He is now a content adventure dog who

Image source: tiny_titanic

# I was told that you guys will adore this survivor’s stunning smile! In Order To Really Appreciate It You Need To See What He Looked Like The Day He Was Rescued. Best Smile Ever

Image source:

# Holly, our rescue canine!

Image source: not_very_hopeful

# Discovered In A Plastic Bag, She’s Finally Made Her Way To Our Hearts And Home

Image source: opalthekitty

# scovered In A Plastic Bag, She’s Finally Made Her Way To Our Hearts And Home

Image source: 009774425

# From being dumped in the street to coming home! I’m Birch, baby!

Image source: bl00j

# 2017-2020. Help Them Flourish And Enjoy The View When They Bloom. It Will Always Be Worth It

Image source: dogrescueteam

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