Horse Reunites with Owner After Running Off to Live with Wild Mustangs in Utah Desert for 8 Years

Have you ever lost a pet and spent years searching for them? That’s exactly what happened to Shane Adams when his horse Mongo ran off to live with wild mustangs in the Utah desert eight years ago.

Adams was camping in Utah’s West Desert with his horse Mongo when he accidentally got loose. The horse had been tied up to Adams’ tent, but when a herd of wild mustang ran by, Mongo took off. Adams tried to catch him, but it was too late. Eventually, he had to return home to northern Utah without his horse.


For the next three years, Adams returned to the desert on the weekends to search for Mongo. He even informed the Bureau of Land Management to keep an eye out for him. However, he stopped visiting the desert after losing hope and bought another horse, but he kept Mongo’s halter just in case.

It wasn’t until September 2022 when the Bureau of Land Management reached out to him.


They recently rounded up a herd of wild mustangs and noticed one of the horses was tamer than the others. Upon closer inspection, they realized he matched a description Adams had given them years earlier.

The two were recently reunited, and despite spending nearly half of his life with a herd of wild mustangs, Mongo acts like nothing ever happened. He was even ready to saddle up despite being much older and severely underweight.


“It’s crazy he still acts the same, same horse,” Adams said.

This heartwarming story of a horse reuniting with his owner after living with wild mustangs in the Utah desert for eight years is truly one for the books. Welcome home, Mongo! May you continue to live the rest of your years surrounded by the family who loves you dearly.

Written by Chanuka

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