Airline Offers Free Plane Tickets to Adopters of Three Stray Kittens

Adopting a pet is always a noble act, and the Las Vegas Animal Foundation is doing its part by taking care of stray animals in need. However, there are times when a little extra incentive can go a long way in finding these animals loving homes. In a heartwarming story, Frontier Airlines has stepped up to offer free plane tickets to the adopters of three stray kittens named after airlines.

In a statement to CNN, Frontier Airlines said, “We were delighted the rescue organization decided to name these three adorable kitties after airlines, including ours. Underscoring the plight of animals is near and dear to us.”


The kittens, named Frontier, Delta, and Spirit, arrived at the shelter last month, and their names soon caught the attention of Frontier Airlines. The company was honored that their name was used, and they wanted to help these kittens find their forever homes. To make sure the kittens get adopted, Frontier Airlines decided to offer flight vouchers to their adopters.

They offered two vouchers each for the adopters of Delta and Spirit, valuing at a total of $500. They even offered an extra incentive for the adopters of their own namesake: four vouchers for Frontier’s new family, valuing at $1,000.


However, some animal lovers expressed concern that the promotion would attract people who were only interested in the airline tickets, and that the cats might not find loving homes.

But the Animal Foundation has a screening process for potential adopters, which includes meeting with a counselor who assesses their ability to love and care for a pet, and adoption fees. This ensures that the kittens will end up in the hands of responsible and loving pet owners.


It’s important to remember that getting flight vouchers shouldn’t be anyone’s sole reason to adopt a pet, which is a lifelong commitment. But for some people in the Las Vegas area already looking to adopt a kitten, the travel vouchers can serve as a little extra perk. Frontier Airlines added, “We were more than happy to provide a little extra incentive to encourage the adoption of these three precious kittens.”

We hope that these three beautiful kittens find their loving homes soon. This heartwarming story shows how a little kindness and generosity can go a long way in making the world a better place for animals in need.

Written by Chanuka

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