Introduce yourself to Tattoo the Appaloosa, A Horse Whose Leopard Spots Are Just As Cool As He Is.


I find every horse to be stunning. However, I think we can all-agree that those horses out there attract our attention and cause us to lose our breath. A tattoo is an Appaloosa horse; his appearance shows how wonderful certain horses can look. He bears his moniker fittingly. Tattoo is a leopard Appaloosa, and his sparkling and one-of-a-kind coat is a sight to behold for anyone who comes across him. I was hoping you could keep-reading to find out everything there is to know about Tattoo. His owner discussed about her wonderful horse.

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What made you want a tattoo?

“I was a sopho-more in college when I asked John and Debbie Letham of Letham Stables if I might apprentice at their breeder barn. They gave me a chance. I watched the pregnant mares due that spring. I could build a bond with each mare, monitor their behaviour, and check for birthing signs. Tattoo’s mother delivered him early on May 18th. The Tattoo was an hour old, wet, and learning to stand when I met him.”


“When he could stand and nurse, I went into the stall to practice socialising. When my parents visited Tattoo later that day, they said I was sobbing in the cubicle while holding him. Later that day, they visited Tattoo’s barn. At first glimpse, I knew it was the one. Both said, “Oh no…” Although having my horse and training was one of my longtime ambitions, this colt was not mine, but I wanted him to be.”


“My internship was a dream come true; the other mares soon delivered healthy foals. The Tattoo was the first I played with when I visited the farm. Each was a colleague. He let me put a halter on-him and cuddle him when he was three weeks old. He cooperated. Tattoo and his mother trusted me greatly.”

“My trainers told me Tattoo had been sold when he was six months old and told me to prepare for our final goodbyes. Not only was i-in-love with the babies, but Tattoos had become my favourite. I told myself he wasn’t mine from the start and kept doing so. I committed to finishing my internship, which had already gone on way too long, and said farewell to the almost yearlings.”


“Three months later, my family gave me the final box on Christmas morning. When I opened it, I saw a photo of Tattoo, a spotted miniature horse model. I was emotional because I knew I’d never forget him. My parents made me look behind the paper at the bottom, where I saw “Transfer Ownership” in bold. Then I saw “Appaloosa Horse Club” and Tattoo’s show name in black (Shining Royse).”


“My parents bought Tattoo a year ago. Nope. I dreaded training a young horse because I’d never worked with horses and was still in school. My parents and sister believed in me, and we all mourned when I got the news. I cried for weeks. Even on Christmas Day, as his owner, I couldn’t help but call and embrace him. Today, I still do it. I’ve accomplished many “firsts” with him in competitions I never thought I’d be able to compete in with my own trained horse.”


How did Tattoo receive his name?

“We decided to give him the title “Tattoo,” meaning “a rhythmic tapping or drumming,” because his mere sight caused my heart to beat in a repetitive pattern since I first met him. In all-honesty, she is the one who came up with the moniker for him.”


“The Tattoo’s favourite activities include… Hands-on! He’s the noisiest horse I’ve met. He’ll get involved if he can. Playing chase with me and sprinting the fence with his pasture neighbours are also favourites. It’s like playing cat-and-mouse, only I have to hide under hay bales. He ran to where I shocked him after seeing me jump out. Then we chase each other around the hayfield. He keeps sniffing my hiding spot, even though he knows I’ll soon emerge—risk-free pleasure.”



“Laid-back, goofy, wicked. The Tattoo is one of the most thrilling horses I’ve ever ridden, even though I was taught young horses are impulsive and dangerous. When we ride or guide, he wants to inspect everything, exactly like when he was newborn learning to halter.”


Is Tattoo the only horse in the spotlight?

“Tattoo, our most “famous” horse online, is one of three I own. Sunny Boy, my first Tennessee Walking horse, is now 28. 7-year-old me got him. Skip Dancin’ Tango, my first “real” show horse, is 26. Tango taught me to race at age 15. Tattoo is the first horse I’ve “home-raised” These horses have each taught me something new, and collectively they’ve taken me further than I ever imagined. They made me who I am today.”


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