There are 21 adorable pictures of baby owlets sleeping on their bellies, and there’s a hilarious explanation for why they do this.

Recently, a few owls have become internet sensations without even having to move a muscle; all they needed to do was take a nap!


photo of fs_harajuku

The journalist Mark Rees, who was the one who initiated this “sleeping owl campaign,” stated that the reason they sleep in this position is that their heads are too heavy for them to sleep any other way.

How cute is that!


Yes, they did it while lying on their bellies and looked quite endearing while doing it.

If you look at the enticing birds that everyone is currently fixated on, there’s a good chance that your heart will burst from their adorableness.


A photo of riverbk


It is interesting to observe that a young owl will use its rear toe to grab onto a branch while it sleeps to prevent itself from falling out of the tree it is perched in.

Unfortunately, before most owlets can learn to fly, they must examine how their environment affects them. Unfortunately, this often results in them falling to the ground right in front of us.


A photo of doorabl


A photo of Lihui5344Rie


A photo of whaddupmaknittah


photo of fs_harajukuinfo



A photo of RukiOwl


A picture of toricaferoppong



A photo of mochadhan


A photo of 6qx7OUMoWHSZ1Sd



A photo of RukiOwl


A photo of fs_harajukuinfo


A photo of papucon365


A photo of nakaji0719



A photo of ameblo

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