The Unwavering Love of a Single Dad: A Story of Sacrifice and Surprising Rewards

Being a parent is never an easy task, but being a single parent is a whole different ballgame. Single dads often bear the weight of the world on their shoulders, doing whatever it takes to provide for their children and give them the life they deserve. Harley Harlington, a former Marine and single father, is no exception. He has worked tirelessly to support his family and never wavered in his love and devotion to his children.

Harley’s Story of Hard Work and Dedication


Kirsten, Harlington’s granddaughter, spoke about her grandfather’s unwavering dedication:

Harlington, now in his seventies, has lived a life filled with challenges and obstacles. Despite undergoing a kidney transplant, he continued to work hard, holding down four jobs at one point, just to put food on the table and provide for his family. He was always there for his children, even when his health was failing him, always putting their needs before his own.


“He is a man who gives to so many people and never refuses anything from anyone. He is willing to give his entire wardrobe.

” Despite his health issues and long hours of work, Harlington never wavered in his commitment to his family and was always there to listen and support them.


The Day That Changed Everything

One day, a stranger knocked on Harlington’s door, and he was astounded to find a woman holding a microphone. The woman was Monica Jackson from the FOX5 Surprise Squad, who had come to reward Harlington for his selfless dedication to his family. During the visit, Harlington talked about his challenges in life, including his kidney transplant and how he worked multiple jobs to provide for his family.


The FOX5 Surprise Squad did not come empty-handed.

They brought a beautiful flower arrangement and, later on, a red box containing $1500. The real surprise, however, was that the FOX5 Surprise Squad had been contacted by Harlington’s own daughter and granddaughter, who wanted to do something special for him on Father’s Day. The gesture brought Harlington to tears, and he was left speechless by the outpouring of love and support from his family.


The Gift of a Reliable Van

In addition to the cash reward, the FOX5 Surprise Squad also arranged for Sudden Impact Auto Body to repair Harlington’s unreliable van, which he used to pick up and drop off his granddaughter at work.


Jose Gutierrez from the car shop was deeply moved by Harlington’s story, saying, “He is a fantastic parent. It’s obvious. And I find him to be touching.”

Harlington’s story is a testament to the unwavering love and dedication of single fathers. Despite the hardships and challenges they face, they never waver in their commitment to their children and will stop at nothing to provide for them. Harlington’s story serves as a reminder that family will always be there to support and love us, no matter what.


The Impact of a Selfless Father

In conclusion, Harley Harlington’s story is a beautiful reminder of the sacrifices that single fathers make every day to provide for their families. It is also a reminder of the love and support that families can provide, even when it may seem like the world is against us. So, let us take a moment to celebrate the selflessness and unwavering love of single dads everywhere and the impact they have on their children’s lives.

Written by Chanuka

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