This is one of the windiest places in the world, where the trees remain bent and crooked.

Slope Point, the southernmost point on Slope Point, the southernmost point of the South-Island of New Zealand, is an exceptional location. Because of the powerful Antarctic winds, these trees can stretch in a direction sideways than upwards.

The location of Slope Point lies just 24 kilometers from the tiny town of Waikawa. The cold air whirls through Slope Point, which is located around the Antarctic Ocean. Uninterrupted, making the winds so strong when they slam themselves into the coastline. The trees in this area get twisted constantly and develop in an almost horizontal fashion which is like a strange hairstyle.


Sheep farmers planted these sturdy, durable plants to protect their flocks from the brutal weather. While they fight to take all the weight of the chilly attacks, they uniformly sway to the north.


When the visitor arrives, he is welcomed with a yellow sign that shows how far Slope Point, the South Pole, and the Equator.

If it is a sunny day. Light beams of sunshine can penetrate the dark, sinister-looking clouds, creating the appearance of a dreamlike artistic masterpiece.  Slope Point is a beautiful place to hike. With green pastures reaching out to the horizon, which leads into the rock cliffs which plunge into the waters below. There are not many people in the area, aside from people who hike and the sheep graze the hillsides that roll.


Despite all odds, some brave souls have decided to make the spot their residence, but they could leave the area soon.

Not just the trees shaped into distinctive designs by the powerful winds but rocks too.


The wind gusts which strike Slope Point are so strong and constant that trees are transformed into a variety of bizarre and stunning curly forms.

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