Three boys save a suicidal man who was about to leap off a bridge and save his life

It’s easy to get disillusioned with the way things are nowadays.We turn on the television early in the day, or browse through the news on our phones during breakfast, and desperation appears to be a typical motif.

It’s easy to be excused to have thought that in the time we’re here, we’d eradicated all of the problems that have plagued humanity for as long as anyone would like to go.


Unfortunately, we’ve not however this doesn’t mean there’s no possibility of finding it if you search for it. The news might convince you that chaos is the norm, that crime and vice are the mainstays of our great nations. But this isn’t the reality.


Three boys in their teens, Devonte Cafferkey, Sammy Farah and Shawn Young, are deserved to be praised keeping this in mind.


Joanne also helped in the rescue of the suicidal man, Joanne with her mum(Image: Copyright unknown)

Teenagers frequently become so engrossed in their world that they fail to see many events around them. Many teenagers can be pardoned for not being active and enjoying themselves because they are in a transitional stage and are still learning about the world as they become adults.

Shawn, 12, Sammy, 14, and Devonte were fortunate enough to be in the ideal location at the perfect time one day in the year 2018.

They also took action when necessary, and by doing so, they undoubtedly gave life to someone who had before thought himself to be dead.


They were walking to home after school when they came across the 21-year-old standing on the edge of an overpass wearing an untied rope around his neck.

Tragically, the person was set to end his life.

The guardians of his angels, however they were not going to let this happen.

“We were able to see him on the opposite part of the bridge, and then he was wearing a rope tied around his neck. Then, me and Sammy took him in our arms and took him away,” Shawn explained to Steve Harvey.

They also shared how they constantly spoke to him to persuade him to stay clear of the edge.

Joanne still sees her mother every week (Image Copyright: Unknown)

Steve demanded Sammy: “Were you worried about making a mistake?”

“Yeah I was concerned,” Sammy replied. “I am crying. I don’t think anyone is dying. We have told him that you have an entire family. Please don’t be like this because you’re young.”


They were just a last attempt to ease however, the man decided to leap anyway. This is when Devonte, Sammy, and Shawn took him by the hand and physically pushed him back to the side.

“The man was in a state of exhaustion and was getting heavier,” Shawn’s mother, Carol stated.

Shawn asked for help, Shawn pleaded for help, while Devonte and Sammy battled to prevent the man from suicide. The authorities arrived just in right time and a life was saved.

It’s not surprising that the trio of teens received recognition for their remarkable ability to think quickly and with a quick mind. The trio received certificates from the Royal Human Society, signed by the Queen Elizabeth who is from England.

“I am very happy for the three of them. they’re all great boys and it’s great to see to see them being recognized for doing good in the world,” Carol added.

“They had just come from school and were slacking off, Shawn was telling them to hurry up. If they’d been messing around for a while then who knows what they would have done and gathered instead? I believe they were supposed to to help him.”

We thank you Devonte, Sammy, and Shawn. It is truly heartwarming to realize that there are heroes among the younger generations.

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