Young-Entrepreneur went from being homeless to owning a franchise outlet within a year

The current economy is not providing the best for most people. Many young people cannot find work and are homeless without a place to live.

However, this young man’s inspirational story illustrates that you can conquer difficult situations if you’re willing to make an effort…


Chris Williams is a 26-year-old young man from Chicago. Chris wanted an exciting future, and, to get there, he chose to attend Finance School in Phoenix, Arizona.

However, he was in a position that was not his. He even decided to move from Miami, Florida, to have a better chance in his search for a steady income. He slept in his car, took showers at the local gym, and washed his clothes with cleaning products.

Chris lived for four months in his vehicle as a homeless person. Then he was appointed for the position of Automotive Finance Manager and was paid a six-figure sum! His new ambition was to save enough to purchase a Subway franchise. In just a few months, he had raised $120,000 to start his goal.


A mere 14 months after his time homeless man, Chris became the youngest Subway franchisee in Atlanta.

Chris has always wanted to become an entrepreneur. Even in the tough financial times, when he had to stay in his automobile, he would devour books and expand his understanding of business. He was driven and determined!


With the hard work that he put in, he managed to fulfill his dream. It was done quickly in such a short period! Few people can have plans as big as these throughout their lives.

This shows how hard work can get you to places you have not believed!

Use this inspiring story to encourage people to strive hard and never stop pursuing their goals!

Written by Malith92

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