Touching Memorial Created by Bereaved Father for His Differently Abled Son

Ernest and Anneke Robison’s story is one of love, inspiration, and hope. In 1988, when their son Matthew was born, they were informed that he had barely hours to survive.

Matthew had serious impairments due to a lack of oxygen and birth complications, and he was largely deaf. Despite these challenges, he lived for over 11 years until he passed away in his sleep in 1999.


Matthew’s life had a profound impact on everyone who had the opportunity to know him. He was a testament to the absolute divinity of the soul and an embodiment of the wholeness that our spirits seek.

His holiness inspired, motivated, and benefited those around him. As his obituary states, he was a miracle from the moment he entered the earth until he left it.


The Robisons’ personal experience made them keenly aware of the struggles that individuals with impairments face, especially the financial burden of acquiring supportive equipment. In 1993, they founded the Ability Foundation to help those in need obtain the necessary equipment to regain control of their lives.

But the Robisons’ love for Matthew didn’t stop there. They wanted to create a lasting tribute to their son, one that would not only honor his memory but also serve as a source of inspiration and hope for others. So, they commissioned a sculpture in his honor, which stands in Utah’s Salt Lake City cemetery.


The sculpture is a beautiful and touching tribute to Matthew. It features a boy, his arms raised in joy, and his face turned upwards, as if he’s basking in the warm sunshine. The boy is surrounded by three doves, symbols of peace and freedom, and at his feet are the words “Ability Foundation,” a nod to his parents’ charitable work.

The sculpture’s beauty and significance have made it a popular site for visitors, who come to pay their respects and find inspiration in Matthew’s story. The sculpture has also become a symbol of the Robisons’ love for their son and their commitment to helping others.


In conclusion, the story of Ernest and Anneke Robison and their son, Matthew, is a testament to the power of love, hope, and determination. Despite the challenges that Matthew faced, his parents never gave up on him, and their love for him inspired them to help others in need.

The memorial sculpture they created in his honor is a fitting tribute to his memory and a symbol of the Robisons’ dedication to making the world a better place for all. It reminds us that even in the face of adversity, we can find hope and inspiration if we keep love in our hearts.

Ability Foundation: Website | Facebook

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