Wild Bear Relaxes on a Couch in Manitoba

Have you ever seen a wild bear relaxing on a couch like a human? Well, Mandy Stantic, a resident of Northern Manitoba, captured a rare moment when she saw a wild bear lounging on a sofa that had been thrown away.


The bear was crossing one leg over the other and placing one arm on the armrest, just like a human. Stantic shared the photos of the bear, and they quickly went viral, making the bear an internet sensation.


According to Stantic, the bear was probably full and ready to lay down on the couch. She joked that all he needed to relax was some popcorn and Netflix. The bear was spotted near a dump site where bears tend to congregate because of the availability of food.


Stantic and her family watched the bear from their car and couldn’t stop laughing. She stated that the moment would stay with her forever. The photos of the bear lounging on the couch are delightful and fun to watch.


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Written by Chanuka

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