Mother with Brain Tumor Receives Amazing Wig from Son’s Two-Year Hair Growth Effort 

A mother’s love knows no bounds, and a son’s dedication to his mother can be limitless. The touching account of a son who spent more than two years growing his hair to create a wig for his mother, who had lost her hair as a result of a brain tumor, is an ideal illustration of selfless love and unwavering commitment.


Melanie Shaha (left) and Matt Shaha (right) of Arizona. Courtesy of Mercedes Berg Photography

Melanie Shaha, a mother of six, was diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumor in 2003. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor, but it returned twice, necessitating another surgery and radiation treatment in 2017. The radiation therapy caused her hair to fall out, which left her feeling exposed and vulnerable.


Matt (right) is one of Melanie’s (left) six children. Courtesy of Mercedes Berg Photography

Her son, Matt, saw the impact this had on his mother and came up with a plan to help her. He suggested that he grow his hair out and make a wig for her. Initially, Melanie refused, but Matt persisted and allowed his hair to grow for a duration of two and a half years, ultimately donating it to make a wig for his mother.


Melanie said she lost her hair after undergoing radiation treatment. Mercedes Berg Photography

Compassionate Creations in Newport Beach, California, hand-stitched Matt’s hair into a wig that cost $2,000. When Melanie saw the wig, she was overjoyed and felt grateful for her son’s love and dedication. “The color is wonderful, and we got it cut and done by a hairdresser,” Melanie explained. “Matt said it looks great on me.”


Matt (middle) got his hair cut after growing it our for nearly three years. Courtesy of Mercedes Berg Photography

The impact of this gesture goes beyond the wig; it shows the power of a mother’s love and a son’s dedication. As Melanie explained, “Without hair, you stand out like a sore thumb, and well-meaning people can say things that shatter your heart.” The wig not only helped Melanie feel more confident but also showed her the depth of her son’s love.


Melanie and Matt shipped the hair to California. Courtesy of Mercedes Berg Photography

This story is a testament to the importance of family and the lengths a son will go to show his love for his mother. It is a reminder to cherish our loved ones and to be there for them when they need us the most.

Ultimately, the tale of a young man growing his hair out for more than two years in order to create a wig for his mother, who had lost her hair as a result of a brain tumor, serves as a poignant illustration of the depth of a mother’s love and a son’s unwavering commitment. It is a powerful testament to the importance of treasuring those we hold dear and providing them with unwavering support during difficult times.

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